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Crystals  related topic: Atoms, Crystals and Molecules animations, Buzzers, LCD, Minerals and crystals, Molecules, Piezo effect sensors
3-D Crystal Lattice Images
Biological Macromolecule Crystallization Database Biological Macromolecule Crystallization Database and the NASA Archive for Protein Crystal Growth Data
Chemical mineralogy of common mineral groups examines the crystal chemistry of some common mineral groups, sites in the crystal structure on which the principal substitutions take place, the typical ranges of observed composition variation, how to assess the quality of analyses from looking at the stoichiometry of mineral formulae, how to estimate ferric iron, any special considerations affecting formula recalculation, Garnet, Plagioclase, Pyroxene, Mica (muscovite and biotite), Amphibole (mainly about hornblende)
Crystal Forms
Crystal lattices a concise index of common crystal lattice structures
Crystal Lattice Structures a concise index of common crystal lattice structures
Crystallization guide Crystallization, It is the goal of the crystal grower to produce resonably large ( >0.1 mm in its smallest dimension) protein crystals, in which the molecules have sufficient long range order that an x-ray beam will be diffracted into a pattern of reflections, ...
Crystal shape laboratory crystal java applets
Crystal Structure Movies
Crystal structures image simulation in material science
Crystallographic Topology crystallography is the study of atoms in crystals, topology is the study of distortion-invariant connectivity properties of mathematical objects, and crystallographic topology is an intersection of those two disciplines, ...
Crystallography and minerals arranged by crystal form crystallography groups are composed of 32 classes of symmetry derived from observations of the external crystal form
Crystallography and Mineral Crystal Systems Introduction to Crystallography and Mineral Crystal Systems, Crystal Forms and Symmetry Classes, The Cubic (Isometric) System, The Tetragonal System, The Orthorhombic System, The Hexagonal System, The Monoclinic System, The Triclinic System
Cubic Crystal Lattice Structures crystalline solids
Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals Introduction to Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals
Fullerene Fullerenes are molecules composed entirely of carbon, in the form of a hollow sphere, ellipsoid, or tube, Carbon nanotubes
Fullerene Science Module
Fullerenes What are Fullerenes
Fullerenes Alkali-doped fullerenes, Important parameters for Fullerenes are the effective Coulomb repulsion U between two electrons on the same molecule, the one-electron band width W of the partly occupied t1u band, the maximum phonon frequency wph, the Jahn-Teller energy EJT and the exchange integral K
Fullerenes Geometry of Fullerenes, Knot theory and fullerenes, "Perfect" fullerenes, Nanotubes, conical and biconical fullerenes and their symmetry
Gems and gem materials processes leading to the formation of gems in the Earth, how gems are identified, factors that affect the appearance and value of gems, processes used to enhance the appearance of gems, materials used to simulate common gemstones, and issues associated with the synthesis of gems
Inorganic Solids lattice (lattice types), motif (basis), crystal structure, unit cell (counting atoms in unit cells), fractional coordinates, coordination number
Physics of Crystals 3-dimensional illustration of the Bravais lattices and some other common structures
Polymers & liquid crystals information about polymers, liquid crystals, polymer liquid crystals, polymer disperesed liquid crystals, and polymer stabilized liquid crystals. download simulations, view movies, and view animations
Protein crystallization page The Pictorial Library of Crystallization Drop Phenomena, Practical Protein Crystallization Course
Snow crystals all about snow crystals and snowflakes, and how these remarkably complex and beautiful structures appear
Symmetry, Crystals and Polyhedra
What are Liquid Crystals Mesophases (liquid crystals and plastic crystals) are a state of order between crystals and liquids, ...
What are Martensites? What are Martensites?

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