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DIY Energy Experiments:    


DIY Pedal Power DIY solar energy DIY water turbine
DIY wind turbine Solar Cooking experiments  

DIY watermills  related topic: Physics renewable energy: hydro power
A GUIDE TO UK MINI-HYDRO DEVELOPMENTS This Guide is designed to assist anyone in the UK who is planning to develop a small-scale hydro-electric scheme. It has been prepared by the British Hydropower Association in order to support and encourage new developments in this sector, pdf file
Building a Waterwheel Constructing the Waterwheel, Permanent Magnet Alternator
Design and Development of a Hydro-Turbine ppt file
Hydro Power Calculator A very small script that will calculate the theoretical potential hydropower of a certain stream.If Discharge Carrying Capacity(cubic meter/sec) of the stream,available Head(meter) and specific weight of water is given(kg/cubic meter), the calculator will calculate the potential hydropower(P) of the stream in m kg/sec
Hydropower Production calculator calculates the hydropower energy production from a falling water with specified discharge
How to Develop a Small Hydropower Plant 1 Guide on How to Develop a Small Hydropower Plant, pdf file
How to develop a small hydropower plant 2 pdf file
Micro hydroelectric barrel generator a floating waterwheel that can generate electricity when suspended over a river or other flowing water regardless of the depth and speed of flow
Micro Generating with Water new homebrew hydro plant, Some General Micro Hydro Power Information
Micro hydro plant
Micro hydro generator The Water Baby micro hydro turbine is part of a hybrid 12Volt power system, providing electricity during the dark wet winter months, when the solar PV panels only produce negligible amounts of power on this shaded site
Micro-hydro power Read more about how small-scale hydro power works
Microhydro Power Calculator This calculator makes easy work out of all the calculations required to determine the potential microhydro resource at either an existing or a new system, exe file
Micro Hydro Manual The basic principle of hydropower is that if water can be piped down from a certain level, then the resulting water pressure is converted to work. If the water pressure is allowed to move a mechanical component then that movement involves the conversion of the potential energy of the water into mechanical energy. Hydro turbines convert water pressure into mechanical shaft power, which can be used to drive an electricity generator, a grinding mill or some other useful device, pdf file
Micro hydro systems Micro hydro units convert the energy of flowing water into electrical energy. The energy produced by them is renewable and the process does not emit polluting gases, pdf file
Overshot Waterwheel: Design & Construction Manual Overshot Waterwheel: Design & Construction Manual,  Undershot Waterwheel, Overshot Waterwheel, Power Output, Applications, Records, Materials and Tools
Pelton Turbine Installation Manual
Pelton wheel Pelton wheel, pdf file
Pelton Water Wheel Company, 12 inch Water Wheel
Pico hydro Documents
Reconstruction of a Fifth Century AD Roman Waterwheel a horizontal axis overshot wheel and is based upon the Athenian Agora wheel
Roues hydrauliques en Franšais
Spiral water wheel delivers dreamy supply Constructing the Waterwheel, building a Waterwheel
The story of a waterwheel
Undershot Water Wheel Making an Undershoot Water Wheel, pdf file
Undershot Water Wheel Generator DIY Undershot Water Wheel Generator
Washing machine motors for electricity generation Wind generators, Micro hydro electric generators, Exercise bike generator, Motor driven generator, permanent magnet motor!!!, pdf file
Water powered electrical generator self made water powered electrical generator, pdf file
Water Powered Generators waterwheel powered generator, water turbine
Water wheel design Undershot wheel, Overshot wheel, Breast wheel, Tub wheel, Outward-flow reaction wheel, Modern hydroelectric turbine, Mills utilize the mechanical energy that waterwheels obtain from water. Depending on the type and size of the mill, the wheel used will vary, Textile mill, Sawmill, Gristmill, Carding mill
Water Wheel Power Generation DIY Water Wheel Power Generation
Waterwheel project how to build a water turbine, Water Wheel Project

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