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DIY Energy Experiments:    


DIY Pedal Power DIY solar energy DIY water turbine
DIY wind turbine Solar Cooking experiments  

DIY solar energy  related topic: Solar cell animations
Build Your Own Solar Tracker pdf file
DIY solar panels This website offers information about how to build your own solar panels, Solar panel do it yourself
Home Build Solar System to get the information you need to build your own solar system, pdf file
Homemade Solar Panel DIY Solar photovoltaic panels, How to Make Inexpensive DIY Home-Built Solar Panels with Damaged Solar Cells
Homemade Solar Panels Homemade Solar Panels
How I built an electricity producing Solar Panel mono-crystalline solar cells, solar panel
How I built an electricity producing Solar Panel So using bigger cells produces more power, but the panel will be large and heavy. Using smaller cells keeps the panel small and light, but won't produce as much power. Also, mixing cell sizes is not a good idea. This is because the current your panel can produce will be limited by the smallest cell in the group and the larger cells won't work to their full potential, pdf file
Make your own blackberry juice solar cell With iodine, blackberry juice, and a few simple materials, you can create a working solar
cell that mimics the process of photosynthesis. This type of cell is called a Grätzel cell. Grätzel cells are in commercial operation and cost half as much as silicon solar cells, pdf file
Solar Energy, Build a Solar Reflector A curved mirror can be used to concentrate radiant energy. This project uses a curved mirror to demonstrate and investigate a method for focusing solar energy
Stand-alone photovoltaic (PV) systems This document presents recommended design practices for stand-alone photovoltaic (PV) systems. Sixteen specific examples of PV systems, designed for different applications, are presented. These include warning signals, lighting, refrigeration, communications, residential, water pumping, remote sensing, and cathodic protection, pdf file
Zonnecel vol buckyballs Eenvoudig en goedkoop principe om zonne-energie te winnen, pdf file
DIY solar energy: tools  related topics: Solar cell animations, Usefull calculators
Google SketchUp SketchUp is a free 3D drawing tool from Google. In addition to being easy to use as a general purpose drawing tool, it offers a built in sun. You can easily draw a wall with a window and overhang (or a whole home), and play the sun over it for various times of day and times of year
HORIZONTAL SUNDIAL SHADOW ANGLE CALCULATOR To find the Horizontal Sundial shadow hour angles for your locality you need to know your latitude. You can use an online Latitude/Longitude locator
How to make your own Sundial
Making a Horizontal Sundial Making a sundial for the Northern hemisphere
Me and My Shadow Making the Sun-Earth Connection
Print Your Solar Noon Calendar
Six sundial projects for you to make
Sundial: Oval Sundial PDF
Sundial how to make a sundial
Sundial how to make a Sundial
Sundial an equatorial sundial, a horizontal sundial, an equiangular dial, a Capuchin sundial
Sundial design software Sundial design software. SUNDI Freeware release. This is full function program, that allows you to design and plan a horizontal and vertical sundials, to perform equation of time and analemma calculations
Sundial Generator online Sundial Generator, Sundial Design
Sundial Hour Line Calculator This calculator displays sundial hour line angles for any latitude. The angle of the gnomon is the same as the location's latitude
Sundial Primer an instrument for telling the time and/or date from the position of the Sun. More generally, it can give any function of the Sun's co-ordinates
Sundials Analemmatic sundials: How to build one and why they work
Sundial Site Frans Maes' Sundial Site
Sundial: Oval Sundial pdf file
Sun path chart program This program creates sun path charts in Cartesian coordinates for: (1) "typical" dates of each month (i.e.; days receiving about the mean amount of solar radiation for a day in the given month); (2) dates spaced about 30 days apart, from one solstice to the next; or (3) a single date you specify. You can select whether hours are plotted using local standard time or solar time, Solar radiation estimation
SunPosition Calculator
The Mathematics of Sundials
Geosource Heat Pump Handbook What is a heat pump? A heat pump is a mechanical device used for heating and cooling which operates on the principle that heat can be pumped from a cooler temperature to a warmer temperature (cold to hot). Heat pumps can draw heat from a number of sources, eg, air, water, or earth, and are most often either air-source or water-source, pdf file

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