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DIY Energy Experiments:    


DIY Pedal Power DIY solar energy DIY water turbine
DIY wind turbine Solar Cooking experiments  

Home made wind turbines  related topic: Physics renewable energy: wind power, Windturbines
10' Wind Turbine construction, Carving the blades Vertical axis wind turbine self made vertical axis wind turbine, Magnet rotors
Alternate energy charging gif file
Alternator plans Alternator For Home Brew Savonius VAWT, hard drive magnet turbine, Neodymium magnets charged N40, pdf file
Assembling and welding the turbine kit rotor, stator, aluminum magnet disc spacer, Winding the coils, star configuration, pdf file
Blade Design pdf file
De gewiekste De asynchrone (inductie) generator, in Dutch
Drag-Type Windmill Vertical-Axis Wind Turbine
Faroun Savonius Wind Turbine How to built a Savonius Wind Turbine
Fisher and Paykelwashing machine motorsfor electricity generation Applications: Wind generators, Microhydroelectricgenerators, Exercise bike generator, Motor driven generator, pdf file 6-12V-5W Dynohub wind generator, 100 Watt wind generator, 5 and 100 Watt Pedal-Gen,
How I built an electricity producing wind turbine 3-blades wind turbine, Plans, Blade Design, Instructions and Technical Notes
Homebrewed generators
Homebuilt Alternators
Home-built anemometer How to built a DIY Rotorvane Anemometer
How to build a WIND TURBINE Axial flux alternator windmill plans, 8 foot and 4 foot diameter machines
How to build an energy generator with an old oil barrel without oil (Savonius wind generator), pdf file
Instal and operate your own smal scale Wind Turbine
Low-RPM Disk Alternator Neodymium magnets, N40 grade NdFeB rare earth magnets
Magnet rotor rotor, stator, harddisk magnet, turbine, pdf file
Marc's windmolen site in Dutch
Mini-Romag Generator
Permanent magnet generator pdf file
PicoTurbine Deluxe Windmill Plans PicoTurbine Deluxe Windmill Plans, Explains wind power generation concepts, including three phase alternators, rectification of three phase current, battery charging, and load regulation concepts
Savonius Wind Turbine The development of a vertical turbine for domestic electricity generation, This project produces an exploration of a Savonius rotor (S-rotor) wind turbine adapted for household/domestic electricity generation. The design process and justification of the new machine will be described
Savonius Wind Turbine
Savonius windturbine VTI Aalst
Savonius windturbine alternator tested
Savonius Wind Turbine Making electricity, build your own wind turbine, DIY Savonius Wind Turbine
Savonius Savonius Rotor - Making Electricity
Savonius vawt, savonius, vertical windturbine, Savonius Wind Turbine
Savonius windturbine rijdende Savonius windturbine ontworpen door de elektronica afdeling van het VTI te Aalst
Savonius wind turbine permanent magnet rotor, AC generators, rotor bearings, Savonius rotor test, computer hard drive windmill
Savonius wind turbine Savonius wind turbine, plans for the construction of a machine called a Savonius wind turbine. Wind turbines come in two general types, those whose main turning shaft is horizontal and points into the wind, and those with a vertical shaft that points up. The Savonius is an example of the vertical axis type. It consists of two simple scoops that catch the wind and cause the shaft to turn, Savonius wind turbine Savonius wind turbine, vertical axis machine, rotation speed of  is low
Savonius wind turbine Building a Home Building a Home-Scale Scale Vertical Axis Wind Turbine, pdf file
Savonius wind turbine pdf file
Savonius wind turbine: Vertical Axis Wind Turbine The Savonius Wind Turbine These plans are for the construction of vertical axis wind turbine
Scoraig wind electric home built windpower, Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine Plans
Small Wind Turbine Design Notes Defining drag vs lift forces, Finite element blade design, The maths of lift and drag, Setting the best blade angle, Shape of the apparent wind, Optimising the chord width, Factors affecting power coefficient, Ideal shapes and practical limits
THE DEVELOPMENT OF A VERTICAL TURBINE FOR DOMESTIC ELECTRICITY GENERATION This project produces an exploration of a Savonius rotor (S-rotor) wind turbine adapted for household/domestic electricity generation. A car alternator is used as the generator for this wind turbine, pdf file
Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (3 Phase AC) Advanced 3 Phase Wind Turbine Kit, Horizontal Axis Modification, pdf file
Washing machine motors for electricity generation Wind generators, Microhydroelectricgenerators, Exercise bike generator, Motor driven generator, permanent magnet motor!!!, pdf file
Wind Direction Indicator
Wind machines and other interest build your own wind generators, how to build a wind turbine, Building a wind generator from scratch How much energy can you get from small wind turbines? Building a set of blades, Acquiring a generator, Replacing Magnets, Rewinding the generator, Finished generator, Testing the generator output, Counting the cost, Batteries and inverters, Raising the wind generator
Windmolen site in Dutch
Wind power and windmills the wind turbine, also called a windmill, is a means of harnessing the kinetic energy of the wind and converting it into electrical energy. This is accomplished by turning blades called aerofoils, which drive a shaft, which drive a motor (turbine) and ar e connected to a generator
Wind Power Management
Wind rotor blade construction Steps in the wind rotor construction procedure, pdf file
Windstuffnow How to built an electricity producing wind turbine
Wind Turbine Blade Design wind turbine blade design
Wind turbine design notes Defining drag vs lift forces, Finite element blade design page, The maths of lift and drag page, Setting the best blade angle page, Shape of the apparent wind page, Optimising the chord width page, 'Back of an envelope' design page, Factors affecting power coefficient page, Ideal shapes and practical limits page, Pros and cons of high speed rotors
Wind turbine projects wind turbine projects
Windturbines Modellering windturbines, pdf file, in Dutch
Wind turbines with asynchronous electrical generators pdf file, part of Dr. Gary Johnson's renewable energy page a tip
Wind turbine with electronic charge controller Wind turbine with electronic charge controller
Wooden 100 Watt wind generator to build a functional, permanent magnet alternator from scratch, primarily out of wood, pdf file

Savonius wind turbine 2.1 meter height:

4 videos about the Savonius windturbine on youtube:
Savonius wind turbine in a car on Youtube
Savonius wind turbine on Youtube
Savonius wind turbine alternator tested
Savonius windturbine with the alternator in detail

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