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Physics equations & formulas 
Basic physics equations and formulas basic physics equations and formulas, acceleration, force, frequency, height, impulse, kinetic energy, spring constant, mass, normal force, power, momentum, radius or distance, position vector, period, time, potential energy, magnetic field, capacitance, electric field, emf, current, charge, point charge, resistance, potential (stored) energy, electric potential or potential difference, velocity or speed, resistivity, magnetic flux, molecular mass, mass of sample, number of moles, pressure, heat transferred to a system, temperature, internal energy, volume, velocity or speed, pdf file
Equations all the equations are alphabetically listed, a tip
Formulae of drive engineering Acceleration, Deceleration, Lever arm of rolling friction, Force, rolling resistance, Sliding friction, Static friction, Wind load, Gravity, Reduction, Moment of inertia, Inertia mass acceleration factor, Braking torque, Motor speed, Wind pressure, Acceleration power, Lifting power, Kinetic energy, Rotating energy, Angular acceleration, Coefficient of friction, Angular velocity, static friction and sliding friction m, coefficient of friction for bearings mL, Wheel speed, ..., pdf file
Formula Sheet for Physics pdf file
Hyper physics Modern physics, mechanics, laws, engineering, constants, magnetic field, lens, mirror, formulas, thermodynamics, electromagnetism, scroll down right
Laws and rules of physics a list of various laws, rules, principles, and other related topics in physics and astronomy
Light formulas light formulas
Magnetic field formulas magnetic field formulas, Helmholtz coil, helmholtz, electromagnet, solenoid, formula, equation, uniformity, magnetic field, magnetism, magnetics, magnet, FEA, finite element analysis, Maxwell's Equations, Maxwell, Biot Savart, air core
Mechanics formulas mechanics formulas
Mécanique des fluides en Français, pdf file
Modern Physics For Engineers pdf file
Optical formulas Formulas for single lens (in air), Focal length of two ideal lenses, Numerical aperture, F number, Theoretical spot diameter of lens, Focal length of concave mirror, Magnification of beam expander, Light refraction (Snells law), Light shifted by parallel windows, Angle of beam deflection by wedge window, Surface reflectance (in air), Critical angle, Brewster angle, Optical density (OD)
Physics formulas mechanics, wave theory, thermodynamics, electromagnetism, Modern physics, mechanics, laws, engineering, constants, magnetic field, lens, mirror, formulas, thermodynamics, electromagnetism, pdf file
Physics formulas physics formulas, physics, light, sound, heat, electricity, x-rays, alpha, beta, gamma, force, motion, newton, gravity, momentum, inertia, speed, velocity, acceleration, pressure, boyle, charles, coulomb, magnetism, oersted, static, conduction, convection, radiation, reflection, refraction, convex, concave, radioactiviry, atoms, nuclei, protons, electrons, neutrons
Physics law list laws, rules, principles, effects, paradoxes, limits, constants
Science formulas Science formulas, Basic Units of Measure, Mass & Density, Temperature, Velocity & Acceleration, Force, Pressure & Energy, Atoms, Quantum Physics, Nature of Light, Brightness, Cepheid Rulers, Distance, Doppler Shift, Frequency & Wavelength, Hubble's Law, Inverse Square Law, Kinetic Energy, Luminosity, Magnitudes, Convert Mass to Energy, Kepler & Newton - Orbits, Parallax, Planck's Law, Relativistic Redshift, Relativity, Schwarzschild Radius, Synodic & Sidereal Periods, Sidereal Time, Small Angle Formula, Stellar Properties, Stephan-Boltzmann Law, Telescope Related, Temperature, Tidal Forces, Wien's Law
Temperature conversion formulas and equations
Temperature scales conversion formulas for temperature scales, °C: degree Celsius (centigrade), °F: degree Fahrenheit, K: Kelvin
Units of Temperature- from fahrenheit to celsius to kelvin

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