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DIY Energy Experiments:    


DIY Pedal Power DIY solar energy DIY water turbine
DIY wind turbine Solar Cooking experiments  

Solar Cooking experiments 
A Parabolic Solar Cooker for Unattended Cooking Cooking With the Sun: How to Build and Use Solar Cookers
Binder Cover Solar Collector Explore heating with sunlight using an easy to make and store solar collector, pdf file
Boys and girls, let's make Solar Power Collector
Build a solar cooker how to build a solar cooker, Design and science of solar cookers, Solar cooker designs
Build a solar cooker
Constructing a Solar Cooker From an Abandoned Satellite Dish
Cooking with Light Cooking with Light
Development of 2.3 m dia. solar community dish cookers pdf file
Draw a Parabola, using pencil and string
Fresnel Solar Cooker Design The solar cooker consists of 3 main parts. A parabolic reflector serves to concentrate more than one square metre of sunlight into an area about 17 cm in diameter. The control arm allows the reflector to be set facing the sun and holds the pot at the focal point regardless of the reflector tilt angle
HOT Cooking Parabolic This manual is intended to fill you with enthusiasm for solar cooking, pdf file
Hot Dog Cooker Hot Dog Cooker, In this cooking method, sunlight hits the reflective surface and focuses on the hot dog held in the center, pdf file
How to build a solar hot dog cooker How to Build a solar hot dog cooker, Solar Cooking experiments
How to Build the CTI Solar Oven This document tells how to build a high-performance, multi-purpose solar oven, pdf file
Instructions for Building a Solar Box Cooker
Low budget solar cooker how to make a parabolic solar cooker, pdf file
Parabola Calculator Parabola Dish Calculator, This Freeware program was written to help you design solar collector projects using Parabolic Reflectors. This program calculates the focal length and (x, y) coordinates for a Parabola of any diameter and depth. It can help you determine what size and shape to make your parabola very quickly
Parabola Design Wood Model Solar cooker with a parabolic mirror
Parabolic Solar Cookers Advantages of cooking with solar energy, pdf file
Parabolic solar cooking project Cook with the Sun?
Prototype Solar Stoves
Review of Solar Cooker Designs Solar Cooking experiments
Solar 1000 Design
Solar cooker applications Cook with the solar cooker in the same way as you would with a wood, electrical or gas stove, pdf file
Solar Energy, Build a Solar Reflector Solar Cooker Solar barbecue
Solar Funnel Cooker How to Make and Use The BYU Solar Cooker/Cooler
Solar heaters and other parabolic devices
Solar Hot Dog Cooker A reflective hot dog cooker, A reflective hot dog cooker can be built from a cardboard box, tin foil, and posterboard. Sunlight hits the reflective surface and focuses on the hot dog held in the center. Students can work in pairs or individually if there are enough materials
Solar Hot Dog Cooker how to make a powerful solar concentrator that can cook four or five hotdogs in minutes
Solar oven Sunlight can be a practical source of energy for such everyday jobs as cooking, heating water, or warming up homes. The challenge is to fi nd ways to transform sunlight into useable heat. The most effi cient way to use heat from sunlighttransform sunlight into heat is to shine lots of sunlight onto a dark surface. Dark surfaces absorb most of the visible light that falls upon them, and refl ect very cookers, pdf file
Solar Reflector Science Projects Parabolic Dish Cooker
Solar Wall Oven Do-It-Yourself Guidelines This publication describes the considerations for designing and building a slant-faced, reflectorless, through-the-wall solar box cooker
Sunbrella - The simple portable solar cooker made from an umbrella
The Light Sharpener satellite dish, suncollector, parabola, diy, solar cooking
Tracking solar cooker Open reflector type solar cookers, pdf file
Types of Solar Ovens The three most common types of solar cookers are heat-trap boxes, curved concentrators (parabolics) and panel cookers. Hundreds if not thousands of variations on these basic types exist. Additionally, several large-scale solar cooking systems have been developed to meet the needs of institutions worldwide

Parabolic Dish Cooker: Cooking with Light

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