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Water Wheels  related subjects: Environment: Energy
Breast shot water wheel breast shot water wheel, middle-shot (or breast-shot) water wheel
Breast wheels breast wheel sizing
Breast wheels: the water enters the wheel approximately at the level of the axis: 1.5m, turned both by the weight of the water carried in the buckets and by the impulse of the water striking the wheel. Undershot wheels: the water enters the wheel below the axis: 0.3m
Design Manual for Water Wheels Design Manual for Water Wheels with details for applications to pumping water for village use and driving small machinery
GUIDE TO UK MINI-HYDRO DEVELOPMENTS This Guide is designed to assist anyone in the UK who is planning to develop a small-scale hydro-electric scheme. It has been prepared by the British Hydropower Association in order to support and encourage new developments in this sector, pdf file, a tip
History of Water Machines Water wheels, Water turbines, Other water engines, Systematic research on water engines, Piston pumps, Archimedian screws, Other types of pumps, The Hydrovolve engine
Hydro Power Micro Hydropower (from hydro meaning water and micro meaning small scale) refers to electrical energy that comes from the force of moving water used to power a household or small village, pdf file
Hydro Power Calculator A very small script that will calculate the theoretical potential hydropower of a certain stream.If Discharge Carrying Capacity(cubic meter/sec) of the stream,available Head(meter) and specific weight of water is given(kg/cubic meter), the calculator will calculate the potential hydropower(P) of the stream in m kg/sec
Hydropower Production calculator calculates the hydropower energy production from a falling water with specified discharge
Hydro turbines All hydro turbines convert the energy from falling water into rotating shaft power, ...., Water turbine reaction turbines, Francis turbine, Kaplan turbine, Propeller, Bulb Tyson turbine, water wheel turbine, impulse turbines, Pelton impuls turbine, Turgo impulse turbine, Michell-Banki turbine (also known as the Crossflow or Ossberger turbine)
Overshot waterwheels the efficiency of a well constructed overshot waterwheel can be 60-80 percent
Pelton Performance characteristics of a Pelton Turbine Performance characteristics of a Pelton Turbine, pdf file
Pelton Turbine Pelton Turbine, en Français
Pelton Turbine Experiment Pelton Turbine Experiment, pdf file
Pelton wheel The Pelton wheel is among the most efficient types of water turbines. It was invented by Lester Allan Pelton (1829–1908) in the 1870s. The Pelton wheel extract energy from the impulse (momentum) of moving water, as opposed to its weight like traditional overshot water wheel
Pelton wheel Pelton wheel, pdf file
Pelton Wheel Hydraulic Turbine pdf file
Roues hydrauliques en Français
Reconstruction of a Fifth Century AD Roman Waterwheel
Rediscovering the Waterwheel
Turbines Water under pressure contains energy. Turbines convert the energy in water into rotating mechanical energy. Impulse turbines convert the kinetic energy of a jet of water to mechanical energy. Reaction turbines convert potential energy in pressurized water to mechanical energy, pdf file
Undershot Water Wheel Full details on how to construct the undershot water wheel
Water Energy The Water Wheel, Types Of Water Wheels, The History Of Water Wheels, The Watermill, Hydro Electricity, Hydro Turbines,
Water Measurement Manual Basic Principles of Water Measurement, pdf file
Watermolens in Vlaanderen pdf file
Water powered generators waterwheel powered generator, water turbine
Waterpowered sawmills
Water Turbines Simply Explained pdf file
Waterwheel the efficiency of overshot and undershot waterwheels, Renewable Energy
Waterwheel animation
Water wheel animation Overshot wheels
Water Wheel Engineering Head of water, potential energy, kinetic energy
Waterwheel Experiments for Students
Water wheels Water wheel - Design and application
Water wheels Medieval Europe, Types, Undershot wheel, Breastshot wheel, Overshot wheel, Backshot wheel, Materials for construction
Waterwheels waterwheel: maximum power calculation, Hydro Power Power Calculations, potential Energy, Kinetic Energy, Work, power, energy conservation of mechanical energy, the functional of both overshot and undershot mills, the concepts of potential and kinetic energy, rotational motion, the concepts of work and power, Renewable Energy
Water wheels overshot waterwheels, undershot waterwheels, breastwheels, mills and waterpower, The power of water, Undershot wheel, Overshot wheel, Breast wheel, Tub wheel, Outward-flow reaction wheel, Modern hydroelectric turbine, Mills utilize the mechanical energy that waterwheels obtain from water. Depending on the type and size of the mill, the wheel used will vary, Textile mill, Sawmill, Gristmill, Carding mill
Water Wheels Applications Water Wheels Applications, pdf file
Water wheels: types overshot waterwheels, undershot waterwheels, breastwheels, Pitchback waterwheel
Water wheels: types Sustainable Energy Technologies
Water wheels: types overshot waterwheels, undershot waterwheels, breastwheels

Overshot waterwheel  Undershot waterwheel  overshot wheel

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