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Solar Chimney Towers 
Atmospheric Vortex Engine The purpose of the Atmospheric Vortex Engine (AVE) is to produce clean carbon free electrical energy. The AVE uses a controlled vortex to harness the huge amount of energy produced when heat is transported upward by convection in the atmosphere. Mechanical energy is produced when water descends or when warm air rises. The Vortex Engine captures the energy produced when warm air rises by creating an air vortex which acts as a virtual vertical conduit. The vortex is produced by admitting warm or humid air tangentially into a circular arena. Tangential entries cause the warm moist air to spin as it rises forming an “anchored vortex”. The vortex engine has the same basis as the proven solar chimney except the physical tube of the solar chimney is replaced with centrifugal force in the vortex
Australian Solar Tower Animation This is the future project in for Australia. It is scheduled to be ready in 2012. This large-scale solar thermal power station is projected to generate enough electricity to supply 200,000 typical Australian homes, Animation
Australian Solar Tower Animation Maximum Power: 200 MW (Potential), Location: Buronga, New South Wales, Animation
Calculations for a bidirectional energy tower with solar powered ammonia absorption
China's first solar chimney plant starts operating in desert Starting operation on Dec. 10, the 200-kilowatt power generating, Jinshawan, Wuhai, Mongolia, Location of China's first solar chimney plant:

Description des différents concepts de Cheminées Solaires en Français
Description et Fonctionnement des Cheminées Solaires en Français
Design of Commercial Solar Updraft Tower Systems Utilization of Solar Induced Convective Flows for Power Generation. A solar updraft tower power plant – sometimes also called 'solar chimney' or just ‘solar tower’ – is a solar thermal power plant utilizing a combination of solar air collector and central updraft tube to generate a solar induced convective flow which drives pressure staged turbines to generate electricity, pdf file
Design of Commercial Solar Updraft Tower Systems
Floating Solar Chimney Technology Solar Chimney Technology is a solar thermal electricity generating technology, the warm air produced in a large transparent roof solar collector is up drafting through a tall chimney, and leaving part of its thermodynamic energy to a set of air turbines geared to appropriate electric generators
How a SCAF works
Scaled Demonstrator of Solar Tower Plant Solar Chimney Towers, sustainable energy production
Solar Chimneys Solar Updraft Tower, swf file
Solar Chimney principles of the solar chimney, ppt file
Solar chimney Design wind profile and tower deflection, pdf file
Solar Chimney Power Plant TULJAPUR Solar Chimney Power Plant
Solar Chimney Power Plant
Solar Heat Pump Electrical Generation System This is a project to design and build a system that uses a combination of direct and indirect solar collection to generate electricity and store thermal energy in an economical, environmentally friendly, scalable, reliable, efficient and location independent manner using common construction materials
Solar Updraft Towers: Their Role in Remote On-Site Generation pdf file
Solar Tower Demo Spain SolarMission Technologies and its Australian subsidiary, EnviroMission Limited produced this 5 minute video on the pilot plant in Spain. The solar updraft tower is a proposed type of renewable-energy power plant. Air is heated in a very large circular greenhouse-like structure, and the resulting convection causes the air to rise and escape through a tall tower
Solar Tower - Large Scale Renewable Energy Animation Animation
Solar Tower - Renewable Energy Green Global Warming Flash movie
Solar Tower The sun’s radiation is used to heat a large body of air under an expansive collector zone, which is then forced by the laws of physics (hot air rises) to move as a hot wind through large turbines to generate electricity, EnviroMission
Solar Towers Solar updraft tower, Solar Tower Technology
Solar Updraft power plant Chimneys pdf file
Solar Updraft Towers Produce energy by harnessing simple theory of hot air rises Collects hot air and uses it to spin turbines to generate electricity, pdf file
Solar Updraft Tower png file
Solar updraft tower The solar updraft tower is a proposed type of renewable-energy power plant. It combines three old and proven technologies: the chimney effect, the greenhouse effect, and the wind turbine
Solar Updraft Tower Variations and Research Solar Updraft towers, also called solar wind or solar chimney plants, provide a very simple method for renewable electricity generation, with a constant and reliable output
The Solar Chimney The solar chimney's three essential elements - glass roof collector, chimney, and wind, ..., pdf file
The Solar Nozzle
Turbine Layout for and Optimization of Solar Chimney Power Conversion Units  pdf file
Vortex engine: The Solar Chimney ppt file
Wind power density Wind profile power law
Zonnewindtorens Variaties en Onderzoek
Solar Tower 
Concentrating Solar Power: Energy from Mirrors pdf file
SEVILLE'S SOLAR POWER TOWER Concentrating Solar Power: Energy from Mirrors
Solar power tower ppt file
Solar Power Towers Solar power towers consist of a large field of sun-tracking mirrors, called heliostats, which focus solar energy on a receiver atop a centrally located tower. The enormous amount of energy, coming out of the sun rays, concentrated at one point (the tower in the middle), produces temperatures of approx. 550°C to 1500°C, pdf file
Solar Thermal Energy Solar thermal electric energy generation concentrates the light from the sun to create heat, and that heat is used to run a heat engine, which turns a generator to make electricity, pdf file
Solar thermal power Solar thermal power, pdf file
Solar tower pdf file
Solar tower pdf file
Solar tower power plant on the Plataforma Solar in Almería
Spain plugs in largest solar-tower power plant 531-foot solar tower, located near Seville, Spain
The Solar Tower Project in Jülich pdf file

Characteristics of the Solar Chimney Pilot Plant in Manzanares,
 Ciudad Real, Castile-La Mancha, Spain

Solar Chimney in Manzanares, Ciudad Real, Castile-La Mancha, Spain

chimney height 194 m
chimney diameter 10 m
collector diameter 240 m
collector area 45 000 m2
chimney weight 125 t
collector height 2 m
turbine capacity 50 kW

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