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PC software - Freeware:

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Mathematics software  related topic: Mathematics
3D Graph Explorer 3D Graph Explorer is a free Java based tool for generating surfaces and curves, based on formulae entered in it
Astronomy and numerical software Astronomy and numerical software source codes
DeadLine free equation solver, DeadLine is a free program useful for solving equations, plotting graphs and obtaining an in-depth analysis of a function. Designed especially for students and engineers, the freeware combines graph plotting with advanced numerical calculus, in a very intuitive approach
Determinant Bij een gegeven stelsel van n lineaire vergelijkingen met n onbekenden.berekent het programma de waarden van de onbekenden. Het maximum aantal in te voeren vergelijkingen is 99
Diagram designer simple vector graphics editor for creating flowchart, diagrams and slide shows
Dia's homepage Dia is designed to be much like the commercial Windows program 'Visio'. It can be used to draw many different kinds of diagrams. It currently has special objects to help draw entity relationship diagrams, UML diagrams, flowcharts, network diagrams, and simple circuits
Dmaths Dmaths is adressed to people who regularly use the formula editor. It is free and available for Linux, Windows and Mac. It runs in english, french or german
Eigenvalues of a Matrix This page contains a routine that numerically finds the eigenvalues and eigenvectors of a 6 X 6 Real Matrix
Falco Graph Falco Graph is one of the useful program for the education. It allows to draw mathematical, geometrical graphics on the axis. When parameters in the command line have been set the graphic appears on the axis. Falco Graph is a very useful instrument for a schoolkid or a student
FNGraph Graphing and analyzing mathematical functions. Customization of graphs and coordinates system appearance. Support for complex syntax, large variety of functions, user-defined variables. Tools for function evaluation, analysis and integration
Formulator Express calculator  FREE Formulator Express, Formulator Express is free mathematical expressions editor that provides a rich functionality for editing mathematics
Fourier synthesis This simulation allows to adjust the first seven coefficients of the Fourier series (both for the cosine and the sine terms). In addition, a few predefined wave forms can be selected
FractionCalc FractionCalc will perform standard operations on fractions, improper fractions, or mixed numbers. The solutions are returned in either fractional form or decimal
Function Plotter The program Function Plotter allows to visualize most mathematical functions by specifying the function equation and its parameters
Geodetic azimuth and ellipsoidal distance tool for computing the geodetic azimuth and ellipsoidal distance between two points given their latitudes and longitudes in degrees, minutes, and seconds
Geogebra GeoGebra is a dynamic mathematics software for education in secondary schools that joins geometry, algebra and calculus
Geometry Calculator
Geometry Geometry is a calculator which uses many of the formulas found in geometry. The program will calculate surface area and volume of a variety of geometric figures such as prisms, cone, sphere, pyramids, torus and cylinder. The software will perform calculations involving the pythagorean theorem, sine, cosine, tangent, special triangles, regular polygons, circles, arcs, triangles, squares, rectangles, distance, slope, midpoint, Trigonometry, and coordinate geometry
Graph 4.3 Graph is an open source application used to draw mathematical graphs in a coordinate system. Anyone who wants to draw graphs of functions will find this program useful. The program makes it very easy to visualize a function and paste it into another program. It is also possible to do some mathematical calculations on the functions
GraphCalc Version 4.0.1 GraphCalc is an all-in-one solution to everything from everyday arithmetic to statistical analysis, from betas to Booleans, from cubes to calculus, from decimals to derivatives. GraphCalc combines all the features of a professional mathematics package with the simplicity of an easy to learn windows interface
Graphmatica Graphmatica is a powerful, easy-to-use, equation plotter with numerical and calculus features. Graph Cartesian functions, relations, and inequalities, plus polar, parametric, and ordinary differential equations
High Precision Complex Calculator This programmable calculator does real or complex number calculations with 100 significant figure precision. Many standard functions such as trig, hyperbolic, logarithms and base conversions are included. Loops are supported. Both expressions and results can be saved to a file
Mathematical formulae maths online offers a tool which makes the generation of HTML code for maths formulae a fairly easy matter - provided you have some elementary knowledge of HTML, and provided the symbols needed are among the fonts a web browser may access
Mathematics Graphical resolution of base and quadratic inequalities, Geometric transformations: translation, rotation, symmetry, homothetia, scaling, affinity. Rotations in the space, Trigonometric functions, Vector algebra: resultant, vector product, components. Cartesian components, Limits. Derivative. Differential. Lagrange's theorem. Definite integral. Areas, Permutations, permutation with repetition, combinations, combination with repetition. Pascal's triangle. Newton's binomial
Mathomatic a small, portable, general purpose CAS (Computer Algebra System) written entirely in C, free software
MATLAB Central File Exchange
Matrix calculator adding, multiplying, multiplying by a vector, multiplying by a number, creating a matrix from algebraic additions(minors), transposition
Numerimal v1.2.2 Numerimal is a numeral converter. It will convert between decimal, hexadecimal, octal, binary and any other user-selectable base up to 64-base
N X N Solver Utility an executable console program that solves N Equations in N Unknowns
Oficalc a complex scientific calculator
Permutations, combinations the program calculates and generates exponents, permutations, arrangements, and combinations for any numbers and words
Plasma 0.5 Plasma is an open source project for making visualizations of mathematical objects. The goal is to create a program for plotting functions and drawing other mathematical objects that is easy to use and allows you to manipulate the view in any way you want
Right Triangle Solver
Roman Arabic Numerals Converter exe file
Roman numerals a program to convert Arabic numbers less than 4000 to Roman numeral notation and display the result
R project for statistical computing R is a language and environment for statistical computing and graphics. R provides a wide variety of statistical (linear and nonlinear modelling, classical statistical tests, time-series analysis, classification, clustering, ...) and graphical techniques, and is highly extensible
Scientific calculator exe file
SpeQ Portable SpeQ is a small, extensive mathematics program with a simple, intuitive interface. All calculations are entered in a sheet. In there you can freely add, edit and execute all calculations. You can define variables and functions, and plot graphs of your functions
SVGcalc A Scientific Graphing Calculator for Web Browsers
TeeChart a free charting and plotting tool intended for both the end-user and the developer
Unit Converter Professional Unit Converter Pro is a handy utility for students, teachers, and practitioners in engineering, physics, sciences, and technical subjects. It can quickly convert more than 1500 different units in 76 categories
Winplot software winplot is a general-purpose plotting utility, which can draw (and animate) curves and surfaces presented in a variety of formats
Fractal generators  related topic: Mathematics
3D-Fractal-Generator Quat is a program for the calculation of genuine three dimensional fractals, like those you can see in the Artist Forum, the Fractal Gallery or at the Sculptures. These fractals can be cut open to explore their interior
ChaosPro 3.3  freeware fractal generator for the Microsoft Windows operating system, able to create beautiful images based on mathematical formulas
Fractal Orbits Program
Fractal Programs generates images of various fractal types in dimensions up to 1600 x 1200
Fractals Generates nice looking IFS fractals (random parameters), zip file
Julia fractal explorer
Julia fractal explorer This windows program allow you to zoom in Julia fractal fascinating world
Julia Shapes Julia Shapes is a program to render Julia fractals using quaternions numbers
Mandelbrot Explorer 2.5 Mandelbrot Explorer is Freeware software, allowing the exploration of the Mandelbrot Set and the Julia Sets. With it, you can magnify selected areas of any of these fractal images
Mandelbrot fractal explorer This windows program allow you to zoom in Julia Mandelbrot fascinating world


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