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LCD display tools 
ClearTweak ClearType is designed to enhance LCD displays
Dead pixel repair This program helps to locate and fix LCD screens dead pixels. You can fix the stuck pixels by calling them to do rapid changes. You need to run this program for a couple of hours. There is no warranty on the result, but you don't really have anything to lose trying it out. Good luck
Dead pixel tester You can use DPT to help identify IF you have any pixels and how many in order to see if you qualify for a replacement screen/laptop, exe file
JScreenFix JScreenFix is a Java applet and Java webstart application that helps re-energise stuck pixels and remove burn-in on LCD and plasma screens by randomly switching on and off red, green and blue colour cells very rapidly
LCD monitor test images
LCD test LCD Monitor Test Pattern Generator
Monitor Asset Manager 2.4 Monitor Asset Manager is a Plug and Play monitor information utility that works under all 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows. It is fully multi-monitor-capable, and unlike similar reporting utilities queries the monitor directly rather than relying on potentially dubious information stored in the registry
Pixel Persistence Analyzer LCD testing tool, zip file
TFT test check the LCD monitor or plasma display with Dead Pixel Locator, exe file
TFT test Compact program for fully testing and configuring your TFT monitor, Base color test, Interference and video noise test, Grayscale test, RGB test, LCD-TFT monitor test Compact program for testing LCD-TFT monitor
SpectraView (For LCD display monitors)
Monitor tools 
CheckeMON Test your monitor with this software. Supports both LCD and CRT monitors
Display calibration calibrate your computer display or monitor online for optimal viewing
Displaymate demos and test patterns
EIZO Monitortest a utility, which allows to test and adjust your monitor
iiyama Monitor Test
Monitor Asset Manager generates detailed reports on Plug and Play monitors, including a connected display’s serial number and operating characterisitics shareware DOS program for monitor testing
Monitor Test This program is used for basic testing of a computer monitor. It will not tell you, how good is a monitor, it will just tell you if it is really bad. This is done by some basic tests
Monitor Test This program can guide you in setting and adjusting the parameters and controls of your monitor. You can test and adjust the picture size and position, color convergence and purity, white balance, brightness and contrast, focus, moiré and interference, and high-voltage regulation, scroll down
Monitor Test displays test patterns for use when performing monitor repairs. Displays pure colours and white screens for colour tuning or finding missing colours, grid lines for focusing and setting the image dimensions correctly
Monitor test setting and adjusting the parameters and controls of your monitor, exe file
MonitorInfoView v1.00 MonitorInfoView is a small utility that displays essential information about your monitor: manufacture week/year, monitor manufacturer, monitor model, supported display modes, and more... , The information is extracted from the EDID ("Extended display identification data") records stored on your computer
Nokia monitor test V1.1 setting the parameters, controls and adjustments of the monitor, exe file
Philips Test Pattern Generator The Test Pattern Generator creates several types of test patterns, that can be used to examine or to align several monitor adjustments, like convergence and video controls
QuickGamma QuickGamma is a small utility program to calibrate a monitor on the fly without having to buy expensive hardware tools
QuickMonitorProfile QuickMonitorProfile is a tool to create ICC / ICM monitor profiles to be used for color management
SpectraView SpectraView Downloads, To help meet the needs of even the most demanding professional, NEC Display Solutions' SpectraView system has been designed to deliver superior display and color performance

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