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Units & constants 
Acoustic material property tables solids, longitidunal piezoelectric, shear piezoelectric, plastics, rubbers, liquids, gases
Atomic mass
Conductivity and dielectric constants for common types of earth Conductivity and dielectric constants for common types of earth
Constants, conversions, and characters pdf file
Dielectric constant lookup dielectric constant lookup
Diëlectric constants
Dielectric constants Dielectric Constants of Materials
Diëlectric constants Dielectric Constant (k) is a number relating the ability of a material to carry alternating current to the ability of vacuum to carry alternating current. The capacitance created by the presence of the material is directly related to the Dielectric Constant of the material
Dielectric Constants Chart The following Dielectric Constants are given at specific temperatures
Dielectric constants & strengths dielectric constants & strengths
Dielectric constants the dielectric constant is the relative permittivity of a dielectric material
Dielectric properties of materials The absolute complex permittivity of a material
Constante dielectrique relative en Français
Electrical conductivity and resistivity electrical conductivity and resistivity at 295 K
Electrical conductivity of metals
Electrical insulating materials The resistivity of an insulator varies greatly with the purity and surface condition of the material, time of application of the voltage, and in some cases with the magnitude of the applied stress
Electrical Resistivity
Electrical Resistivity of Materials a measure of how strongly a material opposes the flow of electric current, ...
Ferromagnetic core data amidon, ferrite, iron powder, ferromagnetic, toroid, emi, rfi, bead, rf, hf, suppression, inductor, variable, tuneable, adjustable,coil form, choke, filter, e-core, pot-core, pot core, balun, transformer, SMPS, smps
Ferromagnetic material characteristics
Fundamental Physical Constants Fundamental Physical Constants, zip file
Fundamental physical constants
Fundamental physical constants from NIST
Magnetic properties table magnetic properties table, convertion table for gaussian and SI units
Magnetics: glossary
Magnetic properties magnetic properties of ferromagnetic materials, Relative permeability relative permeability
Magnetic properties of materials magnetic properties of materials are expressed in terms of the magnetic field strength H, magnetic flux density B and the magnetic polarization J
Material property tables electrical conductivity and resistivity properties, acoustic properties
Metrix prefix Metrix prefix
MKS units MKS units
Perméabilité magnétique en Français
Physical constants physical constants
Physical constants and conversion factors physical constants and conversion factors
Resistivity scroll down
Rotary transformer feritte cores pdf file
Powdered iron core materials
Resistance alloys and wire resistances
Resistivity of Selected Materials
Science symbols electronic symbols, Greek alphabet, mathematical symbols, Dalton's table of elements, Science constants
SI prefixes SI prefixes table
Units of Measurement Dictionary of Units of Measurement

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