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Radio frequency:
Analog modulation techniques Analog radio Digital radio

Digital radio 
DAB Digital Audio Broadcasting, DAB
DAB Digital Audio Broadcasting, DAB uses MPEG1-LayerII, DAB+ uses a modified HE-AAC (High Efficiency - Advanced Audio Coding) developed by Coding Technologies. HE-AAC v1 and v2 are toolboxes for AAC that allow for very high efficiency use of low bitrate data channels to encode high bandwidth audio
DAB Digital Audio Broadcasting, white paper, pdf file
DAB digitale radio met hoge kwaliteit, in Dutch
DMB technology Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (DMB), Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (DMB) is a digital radio transmission system for sending multimedia (radio, TV, and datacasting) to mobile devices such as mobile phones
Digital Audio Broadcasting DAB
Digital PLL tuning the frequency synthesizer block generates the local oscilla- tor frequency for the receiver, just as a conventional me- chanical tuner would. However, the phase-locked-loop (PLL) acts as an integral frequency multiplier of an accurate crystal controlled reference frequency, pdf file
Digital radio pdf file
DRM Digital Radio Mondiale, digital radio system for short-wave, AM/medium-wave and long-wave
Radio RDS system 
RBDS pdf file
RBDS/RDS features
RDS Radio Data System, RDS, stereo multiplex signal, RDS spectrum, sub-carrier, pdf file
RDS decoder 68HC11
RDS/EON Car Radio System a computer controlled high-end AM/FM car radio system with RDS/RBDS decoding. It is based on a single 8051 family microcontroller (P83CE528) and various I2C-bus controlled peripherals
RDS System RDS System explained, in German
RDS in Europe/RBDS in the USA
RDS in Europe, RBDS in the USA – what are the differences? pdf file
RDS (Radio Data System) in Dutch
RDS Subcarrier protection within a FM multiplex/composite system pdf file
RDS the Radio Data System, RDS, is intended for application to VHF/FM sound broadcasts in the range 87.5 MHZ to 108.0 MHZ which may carry either stereophonic (pilot-tone system) or monophonic programs. The main objectives of RDS are to enable improved functionality for FM receivers and to make them more user-friendly by using features such as Program Identification, Program Service name display and where applicable, automatic tuning for portable and car radios
RDS the Radio Data System (RDS) provides a method of sending extra information along with VHF/FM radio services to suitable receiving equipment without affecting the normal audio programme. The RDS signal is modulated to a 57kHz subcarrier.  A sub carrier is a carrier signal relative to the carrier signal for the main station.  Modulation is done using a DSBSC system
RDS Radio Data System, PTY codes, TA code, TP code, traffic program, Traffic Announcement
RDS/EON car radio radio control and RDS/RBDS decoding in a single microcontroller, pdf file
RDS Universal Encoder Communication Protocol pdf file
SAA6581 RDS/RBDS demodulator pdf file
Système R.D.S. en Français
TDA7330B RDS demodulator, pdf file

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