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WIFI - WLAN antenna tools and calculations  related topics: Bluetooth, WIFI & WLAN, RF datacommunication theory, Networking, Networking tools, PC home networking
Basic Link Budget Analysis Tutorial on Basic Link Budget Analysis, How much radio frequency (RF) power is available? How much bandwidth is available? What is the required reliability (as defined by Bit Error Rate, or BER)? Channel capacity (bits/s), channel bandwidth (Hz), Signal strength (watts), Noise power (watts), pdf file
Calculator for Distances between Geographical Locations Enter the Latitude and Longitude of the starting point, the distance (km) and bearing (degrees E of North) to another point
Chanalyzer wireless networking
Cisco outdoor calculations excel file
Free Space Distance Calculator 2.4GHz Free Space Distance Calculator 2.4GHz, km, miles
Free Space Loss Calculator Free Space Loss Calculator, km, miles, Free Space Loss (FSL) is the transmission loss between two isotropic antennas, separated by a distance D, assumed to be in a vacuum. FSL is the propagation loss due solely to spreading of the wave front
Free Space Loss Calculator Free Space Loss Calculator, miles. The Free Space Loss can be calculated by the formula listed below which is the transmission loss between two antennas, separated by a distance. Enter the operating frequency in MHz (2400 for 2.4 GHz, 5800 for 5.8 GHz, etc.) and the distance between the two attennas in miles
Free Space Loss Chart Free Space Loss Chart
Fresnel Clearance Zone Fresnel Clearance Zone calculator, Fresnel Zone in Meters, Fresnel Zone in Feet
Fresnel Zone the best Fresnel Clearance Zone calculator, While designing microwave link, very important thing is to check if the first Fresnel zone is free of obstructions. First Fresnel zone is an ellipsoid of revolution, whitch focuses are in antennas' place
Fresnel Zone Calculator This Fresnel-zone-calculator and Antenna Height calculator helps you determined if you have radio line of sight between two distant points, or alternatively, how high do you need to elevate either antenna to clear an obstruction. The calculator takes into account the earth curvature and effects from refraction in the atmosphere
Inssider works on Windows Vista and Windows XP, wireless networking
Link Budget Calculation The Factors Involved
Link planner voor draadloze netwerken (WLAN)
Link Planning for Wireless LAN (WLAN) Effective transmitting power: transmitter power [dBm] {minus} (cable +connector) loss [dB] {plus} antenna gain [dBi], Propagation loss [dB]: Free space loss [dB], Effective receiving sensibility: antenna gain[dBi]- cable loss [dB]- receiver sensitivity [dBm], Loss in a coaxial cable at 2.45 GHz
Netstumbler NetStumbler is a tool for Windows that allows you to detect Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs) using 802.11b, 802.11a and 802.11g, wireless networking
Online Conversion Page Point-to-Point Antenna Tilt, dBm Conversions, RSLdB to VSWR, Antenna Beamwidth & Gain, dBw Conversions, Free Space Loss FSL, Voltage Conversions, Fresnel Zone Calculation, Refractive Index to K-Factor, K-Factor Calculation, Inverse Position (Azimuth / Distance), Rain Attenuation, 2.4 GHz ISM Power Limits, 2.4 GHz ISM Antenna Limits, Wavelength Calculations, Diversity Antenna Spacing, FCC EIRP Limits
Planning a Microwave Radio Link pdf file
Practical Wifi Antenna Measurement Practical Wifi Antenna Measurement, This page describes a simple way to determine the main RF characteristics of a Wifi (IEEE802.11b/g wireless LAN) antenna. Although this procedure is written specifically with Wifi antennas in mind, it can also be used on other antennas, Voltage Standing Wave Ratio - VSWR, Polarisation, Maximum Gain, -3dB (Half power) Beam width, Front to Back ratio, Antenna characteristics
RADIO LINK CALCULATION HANDOUT the elements and tools that are needed to calculate a radio link, pdf file
Radio link calculation the elements and tools. that are needed to calculate a radio link, pdf file
Radio theory and link planning for Wireless LAN calculators included, Loss in a coaxial cable at 2.45 GHz, Antenna gain, Radiated power, Free space loss, Receiver sensitivity, Signal to Noise Ratio, Link budget, Propagation: Fresnel ellipsoid, Propagation: Diffraction, Propagation: Polarisation, Reflections and delay spread, calculators
RF Budget link calculator RF Link Budget Calculator: This radio link budget calculator tool lets you quickly compute the Free Space Loss, Received Signal Strength, Fade Margin, Distance and more. It includes a Coaxial cable-loss Calculator with pre-loaded loss parameters for a variety of LMR and Belden coaxial cables
RF Power Values radiated (transmitted) power, EIRP, dBm, dBi, Antenna gain
Vistumbler Vistumbler is a netstumbler like program for Vista, wireless networking
Wireless Design Toolkit free space loss (fsl), range at 2.44GHz, wavelength in air, wavelength in coaxial cable, impedance of coaxial cable, velocity factor of coaxial cable, effective radiated power (erp), fade margin or system operating margin, convert dBm and milliWatts (mW), convert diameter and circumference, convert inches and mm, convert miles and metres, convert feet and metres
Wireless link calculator Wireless Network Link Analysis
WLAN two Port Splitter A two port 3 dB splitter for 13 cm and WLAN
Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector Xirrus has developed a set of free tools that are useful for monitoring and troubleshooting Wi-Fi networks. In addition, we have assembled a collection of cool Wi-Fi tools freely available on the Internet that we found to be of great value in planning, deploying, and managing Wi-Fi networks: Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector, Xirrus Wi-Fi Monitor Gadgets/Widgets, BgInfo v4.0, Iperf, OmniPeek, PingTest Tool, Qcheck, TCPView, WireShark, Veriwave WLAN Capacity Calculator

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