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Radio frequency technology:      
Digital modulation GPS RF datacommunication UMTS
EMW GSM Transmission lines WAP
GPRS Radio frequency Transmission lines topics WIFI-WLAN

RF datacommunication theory  related subjects: Datacommunication techniques (part of computer), Modems, Networking, WLAN antenna applications
Baseband communications techniques Baseband Digital Communications, Baseband Modulation, Baseband PAM Signals, pdf file
Comparison chart of home networking technologies down?
Carrier and code synchronization
Communications analog and digital overview: a tip, animated
Communication theory signal and noise, down?
Data communication glossary - technology
Different Types of Connectivity Compared Wi-Fi, 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, GPRS, IrDA and Bluetooth
Introduction to networking and data communication By Eugene Blanchard, networking, voice channels, data channels, ISO, LAN, MAN, WAN, modems, twisted pair, coaxial cable, optical fibre, RF propagation, ground waves, transmission media, RS232, asynchronous transmission, line encoding, synchronous transmission, manchester line encoding, EBCDIC, ASCII, telephone networks, propagation delay, crosstalk, distortion, jitter, AM, FM, PM, FSK, TDM, STDM, FDM, ISO ,OSI , IEEE 802.3, IEE 802.2, networking, repeaters, hubs, bridges, routers, gateway, token ring, ISDN, ADSL, TCP/IP, X25, UDP, frame relay
Mobile Computing Cellular networks overview, GSM-Air Interface, GSM-Network Architecture, GPRS, CDMA, Mobile Applications, WAP, Wireless TCP/IP, 802.11 WLANS, 802.11 QoS,  Mobile IP, TCP over Wireless,  TCP and Mobility, RFID Networks, Mobile Data Management
Morse code information pages international morse code page
Optical communications a tip, animated
Ultra Wide Band (UWB) Communications Systems The UWB channel, propagation and antennas, Frequency domain solutions, advantages and limitations, Time Domain solutions, advantages and limitations, pdf file
Wireless ppt file
Wireless communications and networks ppt file

Frequency spectrum of GSM, UMTS, GPRS, WLAN networking

Frequency spectrum of GSM, UMTS and GPRS

UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunication System): frequency bands: 1885-2025 MHz and 2110-2200 MHz
GPRS (General Packet Radio Service): frequency bands: 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 1900 MHz
Bluetooth: 2.400 2.4835 GHz


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