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Radio frequency technology:      
Digital modulation GPS RF datacommunication UMTS
EMW GSM Transmission lines WAP
GPRS Radio frequency Transmission lines topics WIFI-WLAN

Transmission lines topics  related subjects: Cabling theory, Electro magnetic waves, RF transformers, TDR Measurements, Waves (physics)
75 Ohm coaxial cable
Cable impedance details of transmission lines and cable inductance, characteristic impedance, attenuation per unit length, velocity factor, electrical length
Coaxial Transmission Line Coaxial cables, coax cable, capacitance, characteristic impedance, cable loss, dielectric constant, coaxial cable velocity of propagation, cable inductance
Effects of VSWR on transmitted power Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (also useful for antennas)
EM wave movies Polarization, Waves in Media, Reflection, Parallel-Plate, Dielectric-Slab, Transmission Line, Normal Modes, Transients, Hertzian Dipole, Two-Dipole Array, Four-Dipole Array
EMC of telecommunication lines the different coupling paths for electromagnetic energy between two objects focusing on the coupling between a telecommunication line (transmission line) and a radio amateur antenna
Energy Analysis at an Impedance Discontinuity in an RF Transmission Line
Impedance matching and the Smith chart the Smith chart as a basic tool for determining transmission-line impedances, educypedia
Impedance matching impedance matching, Smith chart, pdf file
Impedance matching impedance matching, Smith chart, pdf file
Impedance transformers impedance transformer using 1:1 transformers, 9:1 impedance transformer
Introduction to Common Printed Circuit Transmission Lines Microwave signals are transmitted from location-to-location by waveguides or antennas, ..., pdf file
Measurements on Transmission Lines Measurements on Transmission Lines, pdf-file
Microwaves in waveguides Microwave measurements
Propagation sur les lignes en Français
Pulses on transmission lines pdf-file
Pulses on transmission lines pdf-file
Pulses on transmission lines study pulses on transmission lines including initial voltage, delay time, reflection and matching, and partial waves, pdf-file
Pulses on transmission lines pdf-file
Putting a Balun and a Tuner Together A two wire transmission line as a three terminal Device, The W2DU and W7EL models of a choke balun, Baluns on the input and output of unbalanced tuners, The effectiveness of a balun
Reflections doc file
Reflections on a mismatched transmission line doc-file
Réflexion d'un signal rectangulaire en Français, pdf-file
Ribbon cables a ribbon cable is any cable having multiple conductors bound together in a flat, wide strip, pdf-file
Simple calculations with the Smith Chart
Smith Chart
Smith Chart pdf-file
Smith Chart pdf-file
Smith chart: simple introduction
Terminations terminations, pdf-file
Terminations pdf-file
Time Domain Reflectometry Time Domain Reflectometry, TDR, Coaxial TDR
Time domain reflectometry measurements Time domain reflectometry measurements
Transmission and loss
Twisted pair telephone transmission line pdf-file
Two-Wire Transmission Line Two-Wire Transmission Line, Twin Lead cable, Stubless Transmission Line, Shunt and Series Stubs, Shunt ABCD-Parameters, Termination of stub
Velocity Factor in Cables how to calculate the Velocity Factor in Cables, pdf-file
Waveguides a waveguide is a special form of transmission line consisting of a hollow, metal tube. The tube wall provides distributed inductance, while the empty space between the tube walls provide distributed capacitance
Waves and impedances on transmission lines pdf-file
When is a quarter wave not a quarter wave? the quarter-wavelength coax matching section is a common technique for matching two impedances for which an available coax type represents an intermediate value

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