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Television & monitor repair 
Coronelle dépannage TV, chassis, schemas, trucs et astuces, en Français
CT-100 Restoration
Entering service mode How To Adjust a TV, Setting Your Monitor to NTSC Specifications
Flyback Transformer Testing
Highland Electrix (TV) TV FAULTS to repair electronic quipment, database of faults
How to adjust a TV most televisions have electronic service adjustments. This means that adjustments like picture geometry, white balance, and color presets are adjusted via on screen displays (OSD), using the remote control and the service menu
LCD technology repair pdf file
Monitor repair Monitor repair tips
Reparaturhilfe für Radio- und Fernsehtechniker in German
Schematics resources for television, video, audio television repairs, video repairs, monitor repairs, television servicing, VCR faults, TV faults, TV schematics, VCR schematics, electrical servicing, television fault finding
Service engineers forum tv faults and video faults
Sony TV service mode
Sharp IC
Technical assistance Dedicated to the Consumer Electronic Service Technician. The T.S.S. Logs are dedicated to technicians that repair all types of television products
Technical info and restoration tips on televisions
TV and monitor CRT (picture tube) information
TV and VCR fault finder
TV DataBase
TV service modes
Television and VCR fault finder (comtech 2000)
Television repair tips Television repair tips
TV & VCR codes Universal remote controls
Universal remote control codes Universal remote control codes
Video repair 
Betamax PALsite
Cleaning your VCR Cleaning your VCR, how to clean your VCR
Intrepid video & electronics
JVC codes zip file
Service engineers forum tv faults and video faults
Television and VCR fault finder (comtech 2000), Television and VCR fault finder
Troubleshooting VCR Luminance Circuits A VCR contains five major sections: luminance, chroma, audio, servo, and system control. The luminance section of a VCR receives the FM signal from the tape and processes it into a form that can be used by a television or monitor, .
VCR repair instruction, VCR troubleshooting
VCR first aid
VCR power supply hybrid regulators

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