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Television and PC monitor experiments 
Audio-visualizer a CRT-tube turned into some audio-oscilloscope
Censtron Wave Vessel takes any audio signal and transforms it into an amazing visual display
Computer Monitor Jacob's Ladder
CRT experiment pdf file
Flyback Driver The heart of the circuit is a ferrite-cored flyback transformer
Homebuilt oscilloscope Miniature TV converted to simple oscilloscope. Notes on converting that old compact tv set or computer monitor into an oscilloscope. Proves very useful in line quality monitoring and other low frequency applications
How I fixed the backlight of a LCD monitor Model: IBM 9516 TFT LCD Color Monitor, Backlight turning on and off cyclically then off permanently, with a period of roughly 0.5 second
How to convert a television into an oscilloscope
How to display sound on television, converting a TV into an oscilloscope
How to fix your magnet ruined monitor? How to fix your magnet ruined monitor?
How to modifie a 15" TFT panel
How to reverse a CRT picture tube How to reverse a CRT picture tube
Liquid Crystal Movies
Modificatie van een defect LCD computerscherm pdf file
Old crt recycled as oscilloscope
Oscilloscope and Physiological Stimulator using a microcontroller and a TV
Oscilloscope Clock
Oscilloscope CRT Clock
Oscilloscope using a microcontroller and a TV
Scribblevision provides instructions for modifying a television to display a moving image based on an audio source
Tele-Scope The Tele-Scope presented here allows a normal television (black and white or colour) to be used as an oscilloscope display. No modification is required to the television, connection being made via the aerial (or video input) socket
Things you can do with an old television screen or PC monitor but not with a LCD or Plasma screen How to make an oscilloscope out of a television
Greg's Homemade Oscilloscope Page TV as an Oscilloscope, Deflection Coils
TV music visualizer Sound on Television
TV Oscilloscope
TV Oscilloscope Adaptor This is an adapter attached to a TV set. This machine changes a TV to a Oscilloscope
TV-scope Using TV to display audio signals, The principal of this audio signal displaying is that when TV is normally operated the Deflection Yoke generates a magnetic field and use it to direct the electron beam in the cathode-ray tube. Deflection Yoke gets signals from
TV-to-Scope Converter A converter that converts composite video to X, Y, and Z axes for an oscilloscope and turns the oscilloscope into a video monitor, changes a CRT to a Oscilloscope
Use your TV as an Oscilloscope Using TV to display audio signals
VGA-to-Scope Converter A converter that converts a computer's VGA output to X, Y, and Z axes for an oscilloscope and turns the oscilloscope into a computer monitor

Sound on Television, CRT as Oscilloscope  LCD TFT display modification


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