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Video VCR technical info 
Analog tape recording analog tape recording, Basics of Analog Recording, The Generic Tape Deck, Cleaning Heads, Recording Tips, Note On Mastering, Recording on a Revox, Editing, Splicing Analog Tape, Tape Loops, Tape Echo, Cassette Decks
Audio and video tape for audio an AC bias is added to the signal so as to make optimum use of the magnetization curve
Bandwidth versus video resolution visual resolution in video systems is defined as the smallest detail that can be seen. This detail is related directly to the bandwidth of the signal: the more bandwidth in the signal, the more potential visual resolution
Basics of Magnetic Recording Magnetic Tape Recorder Heads, Magnetic Tape Recorder Transports, Magnetic Tape Recorder Record and Reproduce Electronics, Magnetic Tape Recorder Specifications, Digital Magnetic Tape Recording, Magnetic Disk recording, pdf file
Brushless experiments VCR Brushless experiments
Formats of Video Tapes Formats of Video Tapes
Helical Scan Recording
How a VCR works How a VCR works How a VCR works, Frame Sequence for Recording, DV Camcorder and DVCR Video Quality and Architecture, Video, Audio, and Data Recording Formats
Hysteresis and avalanches in video tape heads
Linear and Helical Recording Technologies Differences in Linear and Helical Recording Technologies, pdf file
Magnetic recording magnetic recording principles
Magnetic tape How a Magnetic tape works, tape head, How Can You Prevent Magnetic Tape from Degrading Prematurely, Helical Scan Recording
Magnetic Tape Heads how Magnetic Tape Heads work, recording process, oxide shedding and excessive buildup, dropouts, loss of high frequency response, midrange bump, distortion, noise, unstable signal and tape path, tracking error, edge track instability on multi-track heads, insufficient erasure
PDC explained information about program delivery control for VCRs, What is PDC? How to program a PDC video
PDC live Programme delivery control information home page
PDC Programme Delivery Control (PDC)
S-VHS S-VHS (Super VHS) is an improved version of the VHS standard for consumer video cassette recorders, ...
Tape Drive Technology Comparison Tape Drive Technology Comparison, Helical Scan vs Linear Recording, Recording Formats, Tape Speed Control, Tape Tension and Handling, pdf file
Tape (Technology and Durability) pdf file
TDA5140AT Motor Control IC TDA5140AT for driving brushless VCR motors, drum motor, pdf file
The Making of Magnetic Media (PDF) 155 KB pdf file
VHS Vertical Helical Scan or VHS
Video cabling standards
Video conversion how to convert video signals from different sources to different display devices
Video formats
VCR vcr drum brushless DC motor, helical scan
VCR Brushless DC motor drive circuit VCR Brushless DC motor drive circuit, TDA5140A, pdf file
VCR knowledge page Video Cassette Recorder (VCR) time-base errors, Synchronization, Line Synchronization, Field Synchronization, VHS Helical-scan recording, Azimuth, Video head Drum, 2 head VCR, 3 head VCR, HiFi Audio VCR, 4 head VCR, Cryterium and tape speed, Playback, Head switch, ...
Video cassette recording
Video Cassette Recorder How The VCR Works, The Helical Scan System, Azimuth Settings, Synchronization Track, helical scan system, head drum, video heads, azimuth settings, synchronization track, Video Home System (VHS), Betamax, Video-8 camcorders, Super-VHS or S-VHS, video tape
Video recording formats Betacam SP, U-Matic, Digital Betacam, Ampex DCT, DV / DVCAM / DVCPRO, Digital8, D-VHS, W-VHS, Digital S, Betacam SX, HDD-1000
composite video, S-video, S-VHS, RGB, NTSC, PAL and SECAM, Video Broadcast Standards - NTSC PAL SECAM
Video Tape Standards
Video Test Signals
World video standards PAL, NTSC, SECAM, Line/Field, blanking setup, video bandwidth, audio carrier, channel bandwidth

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