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Operational amplifiers: overview 
Amplifier and comparator circuits amplifier and comparator circuits, Op Amp Analysis, Tips and Tricks, scroll down
Amplifier application notes transistor amplifiers, coupling, feedback, audio amplifiers, push pull amplifier, video amplifiers, RF amplifier, operational amplifiers, diference amplifier, magnetic amplifier
Amplificateurs en Français
Amplificateurs opérationnels en Français
Amplificateurs opérationnels en Français
Amplificateurs opérationnels en Français
Amplificateurs opérationnels en Français
Amplificateurs opérationnels en Français, pdf file
Amplificateur opérationnel réel en Français, pdf file
Amplifier circuits ppt file
Amplifiers: From Ideal to Real Amplifier specifications: Gain, Gain-Bandwidth Product, Common-Mode Rejection Ratio, Settling Time, Input Impedance, etc are explained and compared for different categories of amplifier. Gain as a function of frequency is dealt with in particular, ...
Analog integrated circuits voltage comparator, precision voltage follower, noninverting amplifier, high-impedance voltmeter, integrator, 555 audio oscillator, 555 ramp generator, PWM power controller, class B audio amplifier
Applications of opamps The general utility of the operational amplifier is derived from the fact that it is intended for use in a feedback loop whose feedback properties determine the feed-forward characteristics of the amplifier and loop combination, opamp applications, pdf file
Basic operational amplifiers circuits operational amplifiers circuits, pdf file
Designing with opamps Basic Rules Of Opamps, Essential Opamp Information, Configurations, Applying Power, The Ideal Opamp, Basic Opamp Circuits, Non-Inverting Amplifier, Inverting Amplifier, Inverting And Non-Inverting Buffers, Interesting Variations Of Basic Circuits, High Impedance Amplifiers, Simulated Inductor, All-Pass Filter, Phase Shift Oscillator, Schmitt Trigger Oscillator
Handbook of operational amplifiers Computation Control Instrumentation, Notation and Terminology, Input Terminals, Output Terminals, Power Connections, Summary of Notation, Electrical Circuit Models, Circuit Notation, The Ideal Operational Amplifier, Defining the Ideal Operational Amplifier, pdf file
Integrated operational amplifier theory pdf file
Opamp applications pdf file
Opamp circuit collection pdf file
Opamp circuit collection opamp circuit collection, pdf file
Opamp circuits Triangle Wave Generator, Op Amp Comparator with Hysteresis, Driving a Capacitive Load, Op Amp PID Controller, Summing Amplifier, Single-Supply AC Inverting Amplifier, H-Bridge Power Amp, Integrator, Differentiator, Op Amp Differentiator - Open Loop Analysis, Wien Bridge Oscillator, Transimpedance Amplifier, Current Source, Precision Half-Wave Rectifier, Op Amp Limiter, Inverting Amplifier, Non-Inverting Amplifier, Differential Amplifier, Basic Op Amp Model, Op Amp Bandwidth, Op Amp Feedback Analysis, Input Offset Voltage, Input Bias Current, Audio Tone Controls, Multiple Feedback Band-pass Filter, RC Low-Pass Filter, Sallen-Key Low-Pass Filter, ...
Opamp circuits opamp circuits, pdf file
Opamp circuits opamp circuits, pdf file
Opamp circuits differentiator, integrator, invertor, non inverting amplifier, summer, pdf file
Opamp online exercises Inverting and noninverting amplifiers, Node Equations for op amp circuits,
Opamps Freq Effects in Amplifiers, Domain Analysis, Feedback, Feedback amplifiers, OpAmps Circuits, Tutorial OpAmps, Relaxation Oscillator, Signal Generators, Precision Rectifiers
Op amps and analog circuits integrators, differentiators, logarithmic amplifiers, non-inverting amplifierm difference amplifier, increasing output current, half-wave rectifier, full-wave rectifier, mixing analog and digital technologies, comparators, digital to analog conversion, analog to digital conversiong, enerating waveforms, square wave generator, triangle waveform generator, sine wave generator, characteristics of operational amplifiers
Op-amps and their uses audio circuits, video circuits, industrial circuits, ..., applications
Op Amps For Everyone
Op Amp Applications Handbook Op Amp Applications Handbook, Op Amp History, Op Amp Basics, Specialty Amplifiers, Using Op Amps with Data Converters, Sensor Signal Conditioning, Analog Filters, Signal Amplifiers, Hardware and Housekeeping Techniques
Op-amp basics op-amp basics, the Op-Amp is nothing more than a differential amplifier that amplifies the difference between two inputs. One input has a positive effect on the output signal, the other input has a negative effect on the output, ...
Opamps for everyone pdf file, a tip
Operational amplifier circuits operational amplifier circuits, inverting amplifier, noninverting amplifier voltage follower, differential amplifier, summing amplifier, integrator, differentiator Schmitt Trigger
Operational amplifier lecture notes
Operational amplifiers animated
Operational amplifiers Non-Inverting Amplifier, Inverting Amplifier, With push-pull output, Summing Amplifier, Logarithmizing Amplifier, Signal Rectification, Voltage Regulator, Comparator, Schmitt Trigger, Astable Multivibrator, Phase Shifter, pdf file
Operational amplifiers operational amplifiers, the 741, open loop gain, negative feedback, positive feedback, oscillators, ideal op amp
Operational amplifiers Single-ended and differential amplifiers, a tip
Operational amplifiers operational amplifiers, Open-Loop Amplifiers, Ideal Amplifier Approximation, Non-inverting Amplifiers, Inverting Amplifiers, Mathematical Operations, Current Summing Amplifier, Differentiation Circuit, Integration Circuit, Active Filters, General Feedback Elements, Differential Amplifiers, Analysis Using Finite Open-Loop Gain, Output Impedance, Input Impedance, Voltage and Current Offsets, Current Limiting and Slew Rate
Operational amplifiers- basic concepts buffer amplifier, filter, follower, bootstrapped follower, current sums, sommator, difference amplifier, pdf file
Operational amplifiers- basic concepts ppt file
Operational amplifier specifications operational amplifier specifications
Operationele versterkers in Dutch, pdf file
Single supply opamp circuits pdf file
Understanding operational amplifier specifications operational amplifier specifications, Absolute Maximum Ratings and Recommended, Operating Conditions, Input Offset Voltage, Input Current, Input Common Mode Voltage Range, Differential Input Voltage Range, Maximum Output Voltage Swing, Large Signal Differential Voltage Amplification, Input Parasitic Elements, Input Capacitance, Input Resistance, Output Impedance, Common-Mode Rejection Ratio, Supply Voltage Rejection Ratio, Supply Current, Slew Rate at Unity Gain, Equivalent Input Noise, Total Harmonic Distortion plus Noise, Unity-Gain Bandwidth and Phase Margin, Settling Time, pdf file

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