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Sawtooth-, Square- wave and Blocking Oscillators 
LED flasher NPN transistor, PNP transistor, touch plate
Sawtooth Wave Generator sawtooth wave oscillator with operational amplifier
Sawtooth oscillator with transistors nonlinear sawtooth flanks with two transistors, linear flanks with a constant current source, triggerable linear sweep oscillator (oscilloscope)
Triangle-Wave Generator Op Amp Triangle-Wave Generator
UJT Relaxation Oscillator With Op Amp Pulse Shaper pdf file
Blocking oscillator 
Blocking oscillator blocking oscillator
Design of a Blocking Oscillator for Low Voltage Fluorescent Lighting pdf file
Single transistor pump Single transistor pump
Relaxation oscillators 
Build a simple relaxation oscillator Neon-based relaxation oscillators, pdf file
Gunn diode oscillators Gunn diode oscillators are used for many purposes and typical applications include local oscillators, klystron replacement, transmit and receive oscillators for radio communications
Gunn diode oscillator Gunn diode oscillators, pdf file
Gunn diode oscillator pdf file
Gunn oscillator Gunn oscillator, Negative Resistance
Negative differential resistance oscillator with a Negistor demonstrates how a very simple oscillator can be built with a component which shows a negative differential resistance ( NDR ) effect when it is used properly
Negative resistance oscillator tunnel diode
Negative resistance oscillators negative resistance oscillators
Negative resistance oscillator with homemade tunnel diode just an idea
NEGISTOR-Oscillator "strange" relaxation oscillator with "wrongpolarized" transistor ("NDR Oscillator", "Negative Differential Resistance Oscillator") "poor-man's-tunnel-diode"
Op-amp relaxation oscillator Op-amp relaxation oscillator, pdf file
Relaxation Oscillator Relaxation Oscillator, neon tube, pdf file
Relaxation oscillators relaxation oscillators
Tunnel diode multivibrator tunnel diode multivibrator
UJT relaxation oscillator design and simulation of an UJT relaxation oscillator circuit
UJT relaxation oscillator UJT relaxation oscillator
UJT relaxation oscillator
UJT Relaxation Oscillator With Op Amp Pulse Shaper pdf file
Van der Pol Negative Resistance Oscillator tunnel diode, negative resistance oscillatory circuit
Square-wave Oscillators  related topic: Digital Timers and oscillators
Astabiele multivibrator de Astabiele multivibrator, AMV met transistoren, in Dutch, doc file
Astable Flip-Flop Circuits The familiar astable flip-flop circuit is a handy configuration for making flashers or generating squarewaves, ...
Astable Flip-Flop Circuits pdf file
Astable Multivibrator Astable Multivibrator with transistors
Astable multivibrator applet This circuit is an astable multivibrator, or oscillator. The two transistors are cross-coupled in such a way that the circuit switches back and forth between two states
Astable multivibrator bipolar
Astable Multivibrator Projects Astable or free-running multivibrators, square wave oscillator
Astable multivibrator Astable multivibrator with opamp, pdf file
Astable multivibrator with 2 MOSFET's The astable multivibrator circuit has no stable state. If no external signal applied, the transistors alternately switch from cutoff to saturation at a frequency determined by the RC time constants of the coupling circuits
Astable Multivibrator with Field Effect Transistors (FETs)
Astable Multivibrator built using Bipolar Transistors This schematic has two astable states. In state 1 transistor T2 is conducting and transistor T1 is non-conducting. The feedback between the two transistors is achieved using capacitors C1 and C2. The time period for each state can be adjusted
Astable multivibrator with 2 transistors AMV, astable multivibrator with 2 transistors
Astable multivibrator with 2 transistors AMV, astable multivibrator with 2 transistors, Flip Flop circuit using two transistors with cross-coupling
Astable multivibrator with real op amps Circuits for generating square and triangular waves
Build an Astable Multivibrator ppt file
Digital Oscillators square wave -, triangle and sawtooth oscillators with CMOS, (Schmitt-Triggers: 40106B or 4093B, VCO: 4046)
Generation of Square and Rectangular Waveforms Using Astable Multivibrators A square waveform can be generated by arranging for a bistable multivibrator to switch states periodically. This can be done by connecting the bistable multivibrator with an RC circuit in a feedback loop, ..., pdf file
Oscillateurs astables en Franšais
PWM Signal Generators PWM, or Pulse Width Modulation, is a method of controlling the amount of power to a load without having to dissipate any power in the load driver
Square wave generator This square wave generator is like the Schmitt trigger circuit in that the reference voltage for the comparator action depends on the output voltage. This circuit is also classified as an astable multivibrator
Timers and Oscillators pdf file

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